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Welcome to Handrails & Railings

Make Your Stairs, Decks, & Walkways Safe With Style

Our handrails are a perfect addition for your home or business, and will add style as well as safety. Our handrail and railing store, is a one-stop shop, simple solution, for all of your stairs, walkways and halls, indoors or outdoors, along with ramps, decks and porches. We offer a primer version for the do-it-yourself individual, as well as a painted version, for those who want a completed product, that is ready for installation as soon as they open the box. Our standard styles are offered in black or white, but feel free to contact us with another color option that you may prefer. Along with our standard styles, we also build many custom sizes and orders for people all over the world . If you have a personalized design you would like to discuss, please feel free to contact us and let us know. Our solid steel handrails come with a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY, so you can be as confident with your purchase, as we are in our products. Every handrail you receive, is handmade from scratch, in our shop, here in the U.S.A.


Single Step Handrails

While most homes come with a step or two out front or out back, only stairways that have more than three steps are typically required to have a handrail. But just about anyone can have a nasty tumble on only one step, and even the most sure-footed of us have no doubt had our share of slips and other balance mishaps on those common, front- or back-porch steps or stairs. Especially with the low visibility of night or when the weather acts up, inadvertent trips are a frequent occurrence, and the danger is elevated for the elderly and others with mobility issues. Our single step handrails are a perfect and unobtrusive way to lend a helping hand whenever you’re leaving or going, and they look so great and are so easy to install that you’ll wonder how you went so long without one. Good for one or two steps, our compact handrails are way better than the ugly and cumbersome rails you’ve seen in catalogs and at the store. Instead of a gaudy rail that looks more like something you’d see at a school than a home, our single step handrails are perfect for that front and back porch, as well as anywhere else that could use something to lean on.


Metal Hand Railings from Handrails and Railings

Here at Handrails and Railings, we love making strong and beautiful handrails and railings. From our signature single step handrails to our custom outdoor and indoor handrails and railings, we’re the premier maker of strong handrails today. With the best warranty in the business and a product that speaks for itself, Handrails and Railings is here to help you protect your loved ones with a stable and elegant handrail that won’t let you or your family down. Even if you order something and it’s not what you need, we’ll help you find the exact size and shape that’s right for you, and we won’t rest until you’re happy. Many people are unaware of just how helpful a single step handrail can be, so call us today to see how we can help you with a beautiful new handrail or railing for your outdoor or indoor area.

Indoor Handrails

For those indoor spaces that need the security and safety of a handrail, our indoor handrails are just as beautiful and robust as our outdoor ones, and their great shape and distinct elegance is a perfect complement to just about any indoor decor, no matter your taste. Bright and modern rooms are a great fit for our white-painted handrails, while a black finish is good for those more traditional spaces with darker browns, tans and yellows.  And if you want something you don’t see in our store, call us and tell us what you need and we’ll make you indoor handrails that are custom fit to your unique home and taste. Just like with our outdoor handrails, if one of your indoor handrails cracks, bends or fails for any reason, we’ll replace it, free of charge.


Outdoor Handrails

Available in primer-grey for the do-it-yourselfer in your life or painted in an elegant and unassuming black or white (custom options available; just ask!), our outdoor handrails are handmade right here in the United States of America, and if our single step handrail doesn’t do the job, we’ll custom make whatever you need to your exact specifications. Made from durable steel and built to last, our outdoor handrails are backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can rest assured that your handrail won’t fail you when you need it most. As the manufacturer of the strongest handrails on the market today, our handrails provide years of faithful service, and if one of our outdoor handrails should ever bend, crack or fail for any reason, we’ll replace it, free of charge.

Our Products


Exactly what i needed for the two steps leading up to my back porch. We'll be safer this winter in the snow and ice. It's attractive, I ordered it in white to match my house. I received it fairly quickly considering they paint it to order. It was packed carefully to avoid damage. It's heavy duty steel and came with mounting bolts which we used to attach it securely to an existing post on our porch next to the steps. I have always had a good experience ordering things from Etsy


1or2 Step Handrail SOLID STEEL Wrought Iron Sturdy Safety Rail


24 Nov, 2019
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